Next session 15/5

Hi everyone

Next session is next Tuesday.  We will do a couple of the new Simon and Garfunkel tunes again, plus this by The Supremes/Phil Collins.  Plus a load of the usual stuff!

All new people welcome!



Next session…..

… on the 17th.  Normal time and normal place.

It’ll be the usual mix of old and new stuff…..  Hope to see lots of you there, new members are welcome too!

Here is a picture from the gig!

g ang u gig.jpg



July 11th…..

… the next session and the set will include-

Wake me up before you go-go, Thorn in My Side, Stand by Me, Waterloo, Whisky in the Jar, You’re the one that I want and more PLUS two new tunes –

A good one (new to me) suggested by Suzanne – Malt and Barley Blues and here is the music we’ll be using.

And I don’t now how this will go but I reckon it’ll be fun

Hope to see you there!