Next session 1/5

Hi all

The next session will be a Simon and Garfunkel special.  Here are some tunes and links to get you in the mood…..

We already do Mrs Robinson (first chord E major), and Cecilia in G. We will be adding The Boxer (chord sheet), The Sound of Silence (chord sheet), and 50 ways to leave your lover (chord sheet). They vary in difficulty but I think it should be fun!

Aside from that we will do The Weight (in G) again plus, Hey Good Looking, Brown Eyed Girl, C’est La Vie, Da Do Ron Ron, People are Strange, When I’m dead and gone, Lola, Jolene, Valerie…..

Looking forward to it!





Next session…..

… on the 17th.  Normal time and normal place.

It’ll be the usual mix of old and new stuff…..  Hope to see lots of you there, new members are welcome too!

Here is a picture from the gig!

g ang u gig.jpg