Ear Trumpet

One of our members, Andy, has come up with a fantastic idea and is looking for some funding…..

“The E-ear trumpet  will be a boon to the modern man (and woman). No longer will the hard of hearing need to rely on lightweight inconspicuous hearing aids when they can have an E-ear trumpet instead.”

If you fancy giving him some cash for his scheme go to ear trumpet

trumpet needs you.png



Hi everyone.

No session on the 4th because Beth and I are away. The next one will be on the 18th.

Have a lovely Easter


Next session….

….is on March 7th. All welcome!

As I mentioned at the last group session, the Claygate Music Festival is happening around now and there are a wide variety of musical events.

Beth and I will be doing a few songs on Sunday 5th, details as follows – Claygate Festival Sun 5th