Next session…..

….is on the 17th of October and we are going to be doing loads of classics! I just haven’t decided which ones yet…..

Looking forward to it already.




80’s night

Make sure you all power dress your way down to the Hook Library on the 3rd of October as we will be dipping into the 1980’s. Bring your Rubiks cube, Ray-Bans and hairspray up that perm…

We will be playing tunes by Wham, Culture Club, Proclaimers, The Clash, Dire Straits, Madness, and Bon Jovi amongst others. I have some ideas for a couple of new tunes but feel free to email me any suggestions.

See you there!




A couple of things…

At the last session a couple of things came up –  Tony met a chap who was selling a violin, accordian and a 130 year old banjo so if anyone is interested let me know and I’ll put you through to Tony.

Secondly Andy has a gig in Yateley on Friday with the Mighty Lemons – again if you are interested have a look here and I can put you through to Andy.




And the theme for the next session is…..

…..Female singer/songwriters!

So there’ll be loads of great tunes from the repertoire plus a couple of new ones, and it’ll be a really good fun evening. I’ll definitely include Dolly, Eurythmics, some Motown classics and Nancy Sinatra to name but a few.

It’s on the 5th of September, 8pm start as normal. See above for more details.

Any suggestions, let me know!



Next session on the 22/8

Hi everyone, the next session will be on the 22/8. I think we will be doing some sort of tribute to Glen Campbell who aswell as singing classics like Rhinestone Cowboy and Witchita Lineman also played as a session musician on loads of ace tracks. I just need to remember which ones and then work out if we can play them……..

In other news, one of Beth and my recent albums is available to buy/stream on Amazon now, if you like downbeat cello/piano music (somebody must????) have a look here.

Anyway, we’re off on holiday now, so see you when we get back.

Beatles Special

Hi everyone,

The next session is on Tuesday 8th August, and we will be spending about half the time playing a selection of Beatles classics including I Saw her Standing there, Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, Help, The Ballad of John and Yoko and loads of other good ones.

Should be good fun, feel free to turn up in those round John Lennon Glasses or Sgt. Pepper outfits……I will be coming as the Walrus…..